Written in urban dialect, the neck rolling, finger snapping lyrics are reminiscent of playground anthems like Miss Mary Mack and other “hand pat “games, but are strategically and  deliberately crafted to speak directly to the building up of self esteem within little black girls.

Utilizing the timeless teaching method of rhythm and rhyme,the FSMG series is a fun, lighthearted approach to introducing uncomfortable but critical conversations that must be had with our little girls.

Listening to the radio on my way to teach a class for little girls, I thought about programming and how powerful rhyme and rhythm are when attempting to concrete a way of thought in someone’s head. The music that was playing was very catchy, but also very mature for a child’s mind. I cringed at the thought of having my nieces in the car with me hearing those lyrics and unintentionally downloading them into their spirits.

I asked myself, ” Where are the songs, poems, and rhymes that will teach this generation of children about self love and other valuable character attributes ?” Who will create it?

I heard a quiet voice say ..” You Will.”

Being an International Spoken Word Poet, it was easy for me to take the formula of using rhythm and rhyme to create poems, chants,affirmations and playground song that not only are fun for children to learn and recite but actually positively program them with cultural identity, social and self-awareness.

In 2014 I uploaded a video of a group of my students doing the very first affirmation I created entitled ” I love Myself.” In under 48hours the video went viral, being shared by The likes of Author Michael Baisden and Fantasia..

Since then 2 other affirmations have also went viral.

In 2015 I received word that my ” I love Myself” affirmation was  being taught all over the world in places such as Australia and South Africa..

To date I’ve received so many requests to create some kind of publication that could be shared to continue to teach my rhymes to children all over . For Smart Mouth Girls is that publication.