Students Perform A Powerful Positive Affirmation Chant

When Chicago based teacher and mentor, who goes by K Love ThePoet on Facebook, shared this video of her mentees, I knew I had to show it to the world.

“I made that up to empower a group of students I taught at Hughes Elementary School on the Westside of Chicago, which is also where I filmed it at with my cell during class. That group is the first group to be introduced to it, as I literally came up with it on the way to work with them,” K Love told Littlethings. “This chant is now a part of a curriculum I designed for a program I offer called P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. teaching self awareness and self love to 7-11-year-olds.”

The little ritual is called the “I love myself affirmation chant,” and it’s beautiful.  The group of stunning little girls stand in a circle.


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